Sunday, 12 August 2012

Top 5 must-have products for confidence

Looking confident is about an aura, a sense that you know the exact blueprint of who you are. Confidence in that GQ mould can be achieved once you believe that you are confident. There are items that can help you achieve this to give you an enhanced glow of self-belief. From hats to shoes, try a mix of the following products to make sure that people recognise your power as a self-assured man:
  • Hats: Looking taller is important in inspiring confidence in other people whether that is in the workplace or your personal life. Hats can help to add the illusion of height without being obvious because they actually add a platform to you. Panama hats look cool for that heritage retro look while beanies and snoods look modern and fresh
  • Cologne: Choosing the right cologne is an art form because different colognes are used for different occasions. A general rule of thumb is less is more: simply put a dab on and you will instantly feel like the powerful person that you are. Popular brands for cologne include Davidoff.
  • Fitted clothes: One trend in menswear at the moment is choosing clothes which look tailor-made instead of overly baggy. This is part of the men’s fashion revolution that is focused on creating charged masculine style that is confident, strong and imposing. Men who are looking for clothes that will make them look confident should choose shirts with crisp cuffs, striped shirts and smart trousers.
  • Casual shoes: The good thing about casual shoes is that they are low maintenance. Relaxed confidence is attractive especially to women because it makes men seem that they take everything in their stride. Casual shoes can include Oxfords and brogues in calm colours such as blue and green.
  • Sports shoes: Trainers have inspired a whole new culture in the UK with companies such as adidas working with celebrities like David Beckham to create an image around trainers. Inject that athleticism into your personality when you choose sports shoes to wear for extra confidence. The versatility of sports shoes means that you can wear them on the weekend and after work to always feel in control.

Top tips to follow for confidence in your personal style
  • Look for ways to appear taller: There is no question that height is directly linked to male confidence. Height increasing shoes and wearing colours such as black, grey and blue can all help to make you look taller. Think of innovative ways of looking statuesque for the ultimate sign of your confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid of shots of colour: In men’s fashion from clothing to shoes, colour is definitely making a comeback. Ancient Roman men did not shy away from bold colours. Colours such as red, blue, and green are excellent choices for men who want to stand out in every way. Shoes are the best way to include colour into your wardrobe for the ultimate show of confidence. 

This is a contributed article from guest author Jason Green. Jason is a fashion enthusiast, and now writes for Altitude Shoe a cutting edge of height increasing footwear, fashion and shoe technology.

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