Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Celebrity Styles to Avoid When Shopping for Men's Trousers

This article looks at a number of celebrities’ questionable style and gives advice to men on how to avoid looking so terrible.

Trouser Power

A man’s trousers say a lot about him. Unfortunately, in the modern world it can often be in a negative light as much as anything else. Whose distinctive trouser styles should you avoid at all costs to prevent yourself from slipping into a style black hole?


I was going to say Ian Poulter, then John Daly, then thought will why not just open up the whole topic towards golfers in general? To say that male golfers have questionable style would probably be the biggest understatement of all time. Patterned trousers are great as a fashion item, however there is clearly a line between stylish and wearing something showing awful taste just for the sake of it.
The fact that the two golfers we mentioned have their own fashion labels and much of what they wear is their own designs says a lot, who in their right mind would wear such obnoxious trousers unless they were likely to earn big money from it?
I certainly wouldn’t, and you should steer clear, too.

Russell Brand

He might think he is the “Daddy,” however there are a few reasons he should be avoiding his super-skinny jeans. The first one is that he is getting on a bit now, and people are tired of the whole “Victorian pimp” get-up. No-one wants to see it, Russell, so put it away. Speaking of seeing it, if his jeans got any skinnier and tighter you would be able to make out the outline of any coins he had in his pocket.
Avoid this look – as much as fashion stores will push skinny jeans onto you, women do not like a man in them. Hard to believe perhaps, but true nonetheless.

MC Hammer

Thankfully people who wear MC Hammer pants have usually been dealt with by society over the years, however there are still some men who feel that wearing disgracefully baggy pants is acceptable. Even more shockingly, men are being motivated to wear such styles usually because they appear somewhere in women’s fashion.
First of all, why any man would want to go out dressed as a no longer relevant, early 90’s “rapper” is a mystery, much less follow questionable style guidance from women. Whatever next – men in skirts and low cut dresses?!
When it comes to trousers, stick to what you know and what you look great in. Experimentation should be done carefully, and only after taking some expert style guidance!

Stuart Green is an online content writer that contributes to many blogs, including being a fashion writer. 

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