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Romantic Things To Do To Please Your Girlfriend Like Never Before!

Romantic Things To Do To Please Your Girlfriend Like Never Before!

By Bunny Chum
Girlfriends are made of hard stuff; it takes a Herculean effort to please them! Men often find themselves short of ability to read the female mind. If you too are in a dilemma about what romantic things to do to your girlfriend to become her object of admiration, then scurry through the following must-read list.

Take her to a beach
Beach and women are made for each other! They love the aroma of the sand and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. And when they have the most important man in their life for company on such exotic locations, their romantic instincts immediately come in play. So, please do place this great option on the list of romantic things to do with your girlfriend.

Present her with a bouquet of fragrant flowers
Although the saying goes like this, 'diamonds are a girl's best friends', you can make do with a money-saving option. Simply gift a bouquet of lovely flowers to your lovely girlfriend and you are bound to earn her affectionate hug. This is among the simple and pocket-saving things to do with a girl to win her love and respect.

Make her painting
Well, first of all you must have a passion for playing with a painting brush and colors to even dare to try out this option, otherwise you will end up making a fool of yourself in front of your girlfriend. However, if painting is your hobby, you must place this on the list of romantic things to do with your girlfriend. She will love your affectionate gesture and will keep the painting as a prized possession for the rest of her life along with some unforgettable memories.

Spent some stress-receiving time in her company in a spa.
Imagine you and your girlfriend lying side by side, looking into each other's eyes, while masseurs are digging their comfort-affording, oil-dipped fingers into your backs. Such a spa-time will be both enjoyable and romantic. This option should also easily make it to the list of things to do with your girlfriend.

Take her to an amusement park
This idea might sound silly, but it actually works! Add some thrill and fun to the mundane life of your girlfriend by taking her to an amassment park and challenge her to try the most terrifying joy-rides. When the ride will be set into motion, your girl is likely to dig her head into your chest to ease the fear in her mind. And, do note, this consequential act will definitely go a long way in strengthening your bond. So, this odd option also makes my list of romantic things to do with my girlfriend.
So my dear friends, if your mind runs out of ideas, when you think about romantic things to do with your girlfriend, simply pick a suitable option from this list and ease the tension inflicting your head. Best of luck!
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Beach Wedding Dresses - Almost Unlimited Styles

Beach Wedding Dresses - Almost Unlimited Styles
By Lise Rina
Having a beach wedding is one of the most romantic weddings in the world. Choosing from all the different beach wedding dresses can be one of the most fun things to choose. Do you want to have an elegant and formal wedding, a casual and simple wedding, or a semi-formal or semi-casual wedding? Whichever you choose, you can find the right style of dress for it.
If you choose to have a formal wedding then you would want the traditional style of wedding gown or a long, elegant gown. These you would look lovely in on the beach, with the wind softly blowing them around you. And your guests in all their finery would make a lovely and romantic memory.
Having a casual wedding gives you more choices in what style of wedding dress you choose. A straight tunic style, a waltz length full skirted style, or even a mini-dress would be right for this type of wedding. Color and pattern choices are unlimited for this style of beach wedding dresses. Your guests would also have unlimited choices of their attire.
Or you might want to be somewhere in the middle of those two options. You could do a semi-formal wedding with a long or short cocktail dress, or do semi-casual with a tea length, waltz length, or long dress. Any of these would be a lovely wedding dress. This type of wedding would have so many choices to choose from.
You have an almost limitless choice of materials, patterns, and colors to choose from. There is silk, satin, tulle, organza, and many other types of materials that make lovely wedding gowns and dresses. They all come in many colors so you have lots to choose from. Your choices are only limited by your own sense of style and imagination. So get you mom, sisters, and friends involved to help you pick out the most beautiful wedding dress for your romantic wedding on the beach.
When you decide if you want a formal and elegant beach wedding, or a simple and casual beach wedding, or a semi-formal or semi-casual beach wedding you will know what kind of dress you want to pick out. And you will have many decisions to make as to style, color, and material. Just remember to make these decisions in time for your dress to be made for you if that is what you choose.
Whatever your choice, have fun and enjoy the time of planning your wedding. This will be the most wonderful, magical, and romantic day of your life. You will have many happy memories of this day, the ceremony, your family and friends, and your wedding dress. And your family and friends will always remember how beautiful you and your dress were when they shared this special day with you.
So even though your choices of beach wedding dresses are almost unlimited, choose your style of beach wedding and your dress carefully. You and your husband will always want to remember it with all the love and joy you felt on your wedding day. It will always be one of the most special days of both or your lives.
Now you know how to choose a beach wedding dress. To enhance the theme of your beach wedding, you can put some beach wedding favors [] to the reception tables. offers nearly 300 cheap wedding favors [], priced less than $1.
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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Laptops Vs. Tablets

When the iPad first arrived on the scene a few years back, some people questioned whether or not people were actually in need of such a device. Some argued that Apple's first tablet device, although very stylish, was no replacement for a laptop and was therefore an unnecessary addition to personal computing. 

A few years on, and with many different makes of tablet PC on the market, it is definitely safe to say that the general public has taken to the idea of using them.

If you happen to be shopping for a new device, here are a few important considerations that you need to weigh up in order to decide whether a laptop or a tablet PC is for you.

1. How portable does you need your device to be?

Laptops, although known for their portability, are generally quite a lot larger and heavier than tablets.
If you intend to take your new device with you everywhere you go, this could be one of the most important deciding factors. Plus, it is not just how easy to carry, but how easy to use whilst travelling.

 A 17” and even a 15” laptop is a cumbersome item to find room for on a cramped train, whilst you can whip out your tablet with the same ease as you could do a mobile phone. It is worth noting, however, that the tablet keyboards are quite awkward to use – particularly for touch typists, so you may wish to carry a Bluetooth keyboard with you too. Depending on which one you choose, this increases the bulk you need to carry with you.

It is true that you can now get smaller notebooks that have considerable processing power, although most are still slightly larger than the tablet. There are also more sleek and slim ‘Ultrabooks’ available that are lightweight and comparable with tablets for portability. They are however new and still extremely expensive, so if price is a consideration for you, this is unlikely to be in the running. 

2. What kind of features are you looking for?

If you are using your device for work and need to install software, then you may find that it is simply impossible on a tablet PC. Apple and Android devices can only use the apps that are designed for them, so unless you can find a way around this, a laptop will be your best option. If however, your device is only intended for surfing the web, keeping in touch with people, movies, pictures and music, then a tablet will generally suffice.

3. How important is the style of the device to you?

Although many laptops these days are very aesthetically appealing, especially MacBooks, many people still consider a tablet to be more of a designer item. If image is everything to you then a bulky laptop is not for you. You may consider an Ultrabook though in this instance. 

4. Price

There are laptops and tablets that cover a whole range of prices. If price is the deciding factor for you, then don’t proceed to purchase without first checking to see whether you can buy either type of device you go for second hand. There are also discount vouchers available for good computing stores that you can use online to purchase your device for less money.

In conclusion, there are many factors that you need to consider before you enter into your purchase; the portability, power and features available, style and price. Once you have decided on the most important considerations for you, you can happily buy your new device and hopefully won’t look back.

Rita Rova frequently writes for, the UK discount and voucher code website that enables you to purchase your gadgets for less.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Celebrity Styles to Avoid When Shopping for Men's Trousers

This article looks at a number of celebrities’ questionable style and gives advice to men on how to avoid looking so terrible.

Trouser Power

A man’s trousers say a lot about him. Unfortunately, in the modern world it can often be in a negative light as much as anything else. Whose distinctive trouser styles should you avoid at all costs to prevent yourself from slipping into a style black hole?


I was going to say Ian Poulter, then John Daly, then thought will why not just open up the whole topic towards golfers in general? To say that male golfers have questionable style would probably be the biggest understatement of all time. Patterned trousers are great as a fashion item, however there is clearly a line between stylish and wearing something showing awful taste just for the sake of it.
The fact that the two golfers we mentioned have their own fashion labels and much of what they wear is their own designs says a lot, who in their right mind would wear such obnoxious trousers unless they were likely to earn big money from it?
I certainly wouldn’t, and you should steer clear, too.

Russell Brand

He might think he is the “Daddy,” however there are a few reasons he should be avoiding his super-skinny jeans. The first one is that he is getting on a bit now, and people are tired of the whole “Victorian pimp” get-up. No-one wants to see it, Russell, so put it away. Speaking of seeing it, if his jeans got any skinnier and tighter you would be able to make out the outline of any coins he had in his pocket.
Avoid this look – as much as fashion stores will push skinny jeans onto you, women do not like a man in them. Hard to believe perhaps, but true nonetheless.

MC Hammer

Thankfully people who wear MC Hammer pants have usually been dealt with by society over the years, however there are still some men who feel that wearing disgracefully baggy pants is acceptable. Even more shockingly, men are being motivated to wear such styles usually because they appear somewhere in women’s fashion.
First of all, why any man would want to go out dressed as a no longer relevant, early 90’s “rapper” is a mystery, much less follow questionable style guidance from women. Whatever next – men in skirts and low cut dresses?!
When it comes to trousers, stick to what you know and what you look great in. Experimentation should be done carefully, and only after taking some expert style guidance!

Stuart Green is an online content writer that contributes to many blogs, including being a fashion writer. 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Who Said Breaking Up Was Hard To Do...

Breaking Up - Is It Difficult?
These days it appears it is cool to be callous – hence the invention of the dumping your lover website, where disgruntled other halves announce to the world and their lover they are dumping them and why.

The website insists dumpers indemnify it for any hurt caused.

Pictures of happy dumpers with the faces of their dumped ones obscured reveal a collection of smiling freedom-seekers, who have shrugged off emotional liability and have collared a brief episode of public notoriety as a dumper for their online scrapbooks.

Ending a relationship, it seems, has never been so easy.

Hopefully the dumped on this website similarly kicked their heels up in joy at being rid of their careless lovers.

But divorce and family lawyers see up close the real cost in terms of emotional fallout to ex-partners and children when someone decides a relationship is over and simply leaves with minimal explanation –
possibly to set up home with a new partner and family.

Many abandoned partners are suffering feelings of shock, isolation, devastation, lack of confidence and fear about the future at a time when they have to make some of the most crucial decisions of their lives – including hanging onto their home.

Maybe the couples on had not been together for long, or were not expecting the relationship to last.

But having the reasons why you have been dumped made public – including any alleged lack of prowess in bed or allegations you were unfaithful – could also be subject to the laws of libel.

Taking to social media websites to criticise your ex is one of the actions family lawyers always warn clients about, as this can constitute unreasonable behaviour, if not libel.

Painful divorces – or separations between couples who may share joint assets or children but who never married – are never laughing matters, however, and family lawyers are trained in dealing with all the issues surrounding divorce, separation or arranging access rights for parents.

The fact that only has 25 friends on Facebook and has not been updated since 2011 may offer some hope that not all couples think callous is cool.

But if you have been left by a partner and there are issues surrounding property and children you need to discuss, seeking expert help asap from a family lawyer can help get you back on track and make the decisions you need to take.

If you are getting over a relationship and are suffering from depression, the NHS can also offer counselling and advice on support and help, so see your GP if you are
  • sleeping more during the day or staying awake all night
  • depression is affecting your ability to study or work or care for your family
  • you are using food, tobacco (smoking), alcohol, drugs or over-the-counter medication to help you through depression
  • you experience mood swings, including unusual aggression, negativity or crying episodes.
And for those who are thinking of ending a relationship, breaking up really is hard to do, so think twice before you say “You’re dumped” online. It could cost you a lot of money hiring an expert divorce lawyer.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

What Is Social Bookmarking?

Have you ever been reading a book or maybe even a magazine and noticed something you wanted to go back and look at later? Chances are that you have and when it happened, you either stuck something in the page so you could find it easily or you just bent the corner of the page over. Maybe you did not know it, but people do this online as well. Obviously if you see a website you like and you want to come back to though, you can’t tuck a piece of paper in it to remember where it was and you certainly can’t fold the corner of the page over. You can, however, bookmark the page so that you can view it later. This is called social bookmarking and almost everyone does it. Sound like something that you might need to do at some point in time? Here is the 4-1-1. 

Social Bookmarking Works for You

Many people may ask what social bookmarking can do for them and the answer is simple. Social bookmarking can do a lot for you! If you want to save a page and you want to look at it later, you can save it to the web rather than just to your web browser. You can then send the page to any of your friends or family that you think would find it interesting. You will also find that social bookmarking sites have some pretty cool features. They will allow you to look at the most popular tags, the most recently added tags or tags that are based on things you like such as food or shopping. Social bookmarking is also great because you will be able to see only what you want to see. It’s so much better than going onto a search engine like Google and typing in a term, only to find one relevant result in a pile of unrelated nonsense. You can easily narrow things down and find what you are truly looking for that much faster. 

Social Bookmarking Sites You Should Know

There are many social bookmarking websites out there that you should be familiar with but here are a few you should definitely know. The first social bookmarking site you need to know about is Del.ic.ious. Del.ic.ious has a totally easy to use interface and is one of the best sites for social bookmarking. A few other sites you should know about include Digg, Reddit and Propeller. 
Now that you have learned a bit more about social bookmarking, you may find that it is a great way for you to save those websites you liked and come back to them in the future. You will also be able to share your favorite sites with your friends and family. Social bookmarking is so easy that anyone can do it. If you do not have a social bookmarking account, create one today and see just what you have been missing out on all this time!

Sara C. is a writer for If you are interested in changing your life, and going to the best universities, take a look at this website:

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Skyrocket your Presence Online with these iPhone Apps

Skyrocket your Presence Online with these iPhone Apps

Creating a lasting online footprint for a business or new product takes a lot of time and effort. No matter which industry you’re in, chances are you have competitors who are battling just as hard for visibility on the Internet.

It’s gotten to the point that business owners and public relations specialists need to be “on” 24/7 to try to get an edge on the competition. As your scour the Internet for the best pricing for SEO marketing, it’s good to remember that with today’s smart phones no one has to sit at their computer all day to keep their company or product in the public eye.

Apple’s iPhone has been the market leader of smart phones since its release in 2007. The iOS app store has many programs for download, many of them free, that will go a long way to keep people talking about — and linking to — your company or product. Here are just a few.

How to Use Tweetdeck to Keep the Conversation Going

TweetDeck is a free app on Apple’s app store that gives you the best of the two behemoths of the social media space: Facebook and Twitter. Instead of managing separate accounts all day long, Tweetdeck will allow any business owner to view their Facebook timeline and Twitter feed simultaneously and post to both accounts with one tap of the finger. A high profile on Facebook and Twitter will lead to lots of extra eyes on your company and a better ranking in most search engine algorithms.

Use Yelp to Create a Five Star Buzz

Yelp is arguably the most popular site for business reviews on the Internet. It’s so popular, in fact, that Apple is now including restaurant reviews from Yelp in its search results in Maps and other applications.

If you’re willing to take the time to thank the users who give you positive reviews and put in the work to douse any fires from any negative press you get, you’ll be starting a two-way conversation that may have happy customers talking about you all across the Internet.

Do You Want to Keep up with your Blog at all Times?

One of the most popular sites out there to create a blog to promote your company or product is WordPress. While it’s easy to moderate comments and post new articles while at the office, it can be a bit more difficult to respond to an online complaint while you’re going to the grocery. Luckily, WordPress offers a robust and free application that will allow you to moderate comments and post new items to your blog from anywhere.

Being proactive about your online presence has never been easier. What are you waiting for?

Guest Author Byline: This guest post was written by Michael Deaven. When not writing about Internet marketing, like pricing for SEO services, Jason enjoys using his own iPhone to play Angry Birds and countless other time-wasters. 

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Reading the News Online

Reading the News Online

Many people used to subscribe to their local newspapers and have them delivered each and every day. After all, it was always relaxing to read the newspaper while you drank your morning cup of coffee. However, as the prices of newspapers continue to increase, the number of people purchasing newspapers is decreasing. Many people are turning to reading their news online. Many newspapers do post their stories and articles online and it is free to read. Reading the news online is also a great way for you to help save trees. If you are interested in reading the news online, here is the inside scoop. 

The News Online

Almost every newspaper in the United States has a website where you can read the articles that are published daily. Everything that is in a physical copy of the paper is online as well. You can read the police briefs and see who was arrested and for what. You can read about the weather in your town for that week. You can even get online and read the obituaries so you know who died locally. An online newspaper will have comics just like a physical copy and you may be able to read about upcoming events as well. An online copy of a newspaper will have a sports section as well so you can know what is going on with all of your favorite sports teams. Online newspapers will even publish videos and pictures. A traditional newspaper will publish photos as well but we all know they can’t publish videos. Yet. 

Other Online Periodicals

If you think that the only thing you can read online is newspapers, you are seriously mistaken. Almost every magazine that you can purchase in a store has a website as well. You can find hot articles on these websites as well as pictures and videos. Some sites even have games that you can play! So what kind of articles can you read? You can read all of the gossip about your favorite celebrities. You can find some great recipes if you are on a cooking magazine’s website. You can even learn how to do some crafts. When you check out a magazine’s website, you may even find more information than what was in the actual magazine accompanied by additional photos and videos that were not in the physical copy of the magazine. 

It seems like anymore, getting a physical copy of the newspaper is old news. No one does it because you can now read all of the news online. By reading your newspaper online, you are saving money and you are saving trees. You can read the news for anywhere in the country online, which is a great thing, especially if you are out of town or maybe just on vacation. You can see additional pictures and videos you may not have seen otherwise. Why not join the crowd and read your news online? It’s a great idea!

Terri G. is a writer for If you want to enroll in the best online colleges, this site has a helpful guide for you. 

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Product Placement on UK Television

Until very recently, the only deals which advertisers manufacturers and private companies could strike with television channels were arranging advertising slots within commercial breaks, or agreeing a deal to sponsor a show, with their brand messages being shown before and after the show. In 2011, under increasing pressure from television channels struggling to raise advertising revenue, the television authorities agreed to a limited degree of product placement on UK commercial television. The new rules apply to all channels except the BBC, which is publically funded and does not carry advertising.

Everyday Brands

When you start to look out for it, the number of brands seen on television programmes each day is staggering. Characters in dramas use mobile phones, cars and laptops, fashion items in morning magazine programmes feature clothes from certain shops, and characters in your favourite soap opera are seen drinking tea or eating cereal while they argue over the breakfast table. Before the rule change, real products were only allowed to be shown on screen if no money had changed hands. Many programme makers, especially on the BBC, shun brands completely which is why characters on Eastenders drink unbranded beer in the pub and why their children wear plain, unbranded clothing rather than Next or Baby Joules.

New Rules

The new rules have changed the previous system in that manufacturers are now allowed to pay to have their product featured in a programme. A mobile phone maker might be keen to have their latest handset featured in a high-powered spy drama, and chocolate or drinks brands would love to have the large audience of something like Coronation Street watch characters drink their products. If agreements of this sort are made with programme makers, the audience will be told by the placement of a large letter P on the screen. The rules limit the programme makers in that they are not allowed to make deals with makers of products high in fat, or items such as cigarettes, alcohol, baby milk, medicine or gambling services.


Many critics of the new regulations feel that here in the UK we run the risk of going the way of the USA where product placement is everywhere, and none too subtle either. Coca-cola pay millions of dollars each year to have their branded glasses sitting in front of American Idol judges, but the same deal could not be struck here as Coca-cola is too high in sugar to get past the controls. We are likely to see more deals being done for product placement in soaps, so in the future it may not be unusual to see kids in soaps kitted out head to toe in Baby Joules or another upmarket brand. The BBC shows no signs of following the commercial channels, and the terms of the licence fee mean that they are not allowed to accept any advertising or sponsorship whatsoever. Because of the BBC’s restrictions on advertising, it seems likely that the drinkers in the Queen Vic will be drinking unbranded lager for quite some years to come.
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Oprah Is Bringing Her Positive Energy To Huffington Post

Oprah Is Bringing Her Positive Energy To Huffington Post

Oprah, whose personal motto is “Live Your Best Life,” is the queen of today’s media. Her reach extends far beyond her long-running (and now over) television talk show. She runs her television network, OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) which broadcasts female-friendly content and produces many types of shows, such as interviews and health programs.

Now she’s coming to the Huffington Post website, and she’ll be teaming up with popular commentator and writer Arianna Huffington to bring readers an entire section devoted to the former talk show host and her life philosophies.

What Will The New Section Involve?

Oprah fans know she is very involved in helping women learn to live their lives authentically, positively and happily. That’s exactly the type of content she’ll be bringing to the Huffington Post. You may not see a lot about CJ Pony Mustang parts, but you can check out the website to learn about that.

Some things you’ll see when the section goes up in August will be original content that revolves around advice about women’s health, fashion, beauty and many other topics of interest to females of all ages. She also talks about culture and literature, and plans to involve her readers in interactive conversations about all types of relevant topics.

A Smart Business Move

Oprah is a savvy businesswoman, and she knows how to reach an audience. Her target demographic is already reading the Huffington Post. The website, which boasts over 36 million users per month, interests women in the ranges of 25-54, which is Oprah’s demographic for her former television talk show.

She’ll no doubt bring over her audience from that show and engage viewers of the OWN network as well as pick up new fans that are Huffington Post readers. She is the first talk show host to have her very own section on the popular site. 

The OWN network hasn’t done as well as expected; Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show was canceled due to low ratings and viewership isn’t as high as it should be. This new collaboration should renew interest in the reigning media queen’s universe of self-help, relationship advice and staying positive. Her message will connect with women and perhaps even draw more viewers to her network, providing better ratings. It will be a win-win for Winfrey.

What Will The Articles Involve?

The content you’ll see on Oprah’s Huffington Post page will include pieces written by her own staff of writers already working for OWN or her own site, These writers cover topics that Oprah’s audience expects: spirituality, personal growth, family and relationship issues and female health topics.

The company is hoping to renew interest in Oprah and gain back some of her followers that may not have gone on to watch OWN but simply stopped paying attention once the talk show went off the air. With new, fresh articles and content, this may pique readers’ interest and engage new fans too.

There will also be video content as well as more laid-back articles in the form of reader-friendly blogs. The combination of a can’t-miss website with a huge following and a popular media maven should spell success for everyone and guarantee the Huffington Post will be “living its best life.”

Guest Author Byline:  Carl Glasmyre is a guest blogger who likes writing about Oprah Winfrey, the Huffington Post, and CJ Pony Mustang parts

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Olympic Opening Ceremony: The James Bond and Queen Cameo

Olympic Opening Ceremony

Ask an avid Olympic spectator what their favourite part of the Olympic opening ceremony was and it is likely that they will answer, ‘James Bond and the Queen of course’. During the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony last Friday, the world stood delighted as Daniel Craig as the James Bond character chaperoned Queen Elizabeth II from her home in Buckingham Palace to the Olympic Park. James Bond looked dashing as usual in his classic tuxedo as he jumped out of the helicopter, and the Queen, or to be correct her body double looked as composed as ever in her usual attire despite the circumstances. This article relives the Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth Olympic opening ceremony stunt and provides insight on the behind the scenes action.

Danny Boyle: Olympic Opening Ceremony Director

The Olympic Games opening ceremony was directed by world renowned director Danny Boyle, who is also known for his directorship in Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting. His on screen skills became apparent in the James Bond and Queen Olympic Games stunt; clever trickery was used to seamlessly tie together the pre-recorded scenes in Buckingham Palace (which also featured her beloved corgis), the helicopter ride and the live jump, expertly executed by two professional stunt artists.

The Cameo

The James Bond Olympic ceremony opening was as close to realism as possible. According to sources Danny Boyle and his film crew were given unprecedented access to the Queen’s residence and even private rooms in Buckingham Palace were shown, which really highlighted the nation’s commitment to making the London Olympic opening ceremony one to remember. Audiences around the world were stunned when the Queen and not an actress as some may have expected, turned coolly around and stated, “Good evening, Mr. Bond”. Her Olympic opening ceremony cameo unofficially made her the latest Bond girl. Daniel Craig played true to his James Bond character and looked very series when informed of his next mission, to escort the Queen and to open the Olympiad.

The Body Doubles

The stunt doubles who parachuted out of the helicopter during the Olympic opening ceremony also have fame behind their names. The body double of the Queen in the Olympic opening ceremony was Gary Connery, a daredevil who recently made headlines when he become the first person in history to land a skydiving jump without a parachute. He was not completely unaided, and landed with the help of a wingsuit and a massive pile of cardboard boxed. James Bond’s body double in the Olympic opening ceremony was skydiver Mark Sutton. The pair jumped out of a helicopter and quite appropriately, landed using Union Jack parachutes. According to the film crew, the Queen acted well, is very sharp and got along with James Bond well.
Penny Munroe is an avid writer in current British entertainment news. From highlighting the latest Scruffs boots campaigns to featuring Olympic    news stories, she is a proud ambassador of her country's contemporary culture.

The Tablet: Not Just For Taking Notes Anymore

The Tablet: Not Just For Taking Notes Anymore

Few people think of the iPad as an overgrown mp3 player anymore, though this was a common joke when Apple released its revolutionary tablet.
More and more people are buying tablets every day; in fact, they’re one of the hottest commodities that tech stores have to offer. It’s no wonder why either with their small size, ease of use and low price tag, tablets are ideal tools for businesses and consumers alike.
Whether you run drug and alcohol rehab centers, a web design company or a home appliance store, tablets are practical tools that can keep your business running smoothly.
Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about making the switch from a laptop to a tablet for your business.


Tablets are much smaller and lighter than laptops, making them easier to carry with you. Standard tablets have a 7 or 10-inch screen, whereas laptops can go as large as 17 inches. The smallest tablets weigh as little as 8 or 9 ounces, while bigger laptops can weigh up to 8 pounds. If you move around a lot during the day, or frequently travel, the tablet’s small size is definitely a plus.

Comparable Features

Tablets are getting closer and closer to laptops with every new model. They have great graphics, durable hardware and easy-to-use software. They still may not have quite the speed or power of a laptop, but for most people they are plenty fast enough.
The tablet’s processor is more than adequate for quick web browsing, email, games, office applications and more. Many tablets even have a full-sized on-screen keyboard, allowing you to type just as fast as you would on a laptop.


One thing tablets have that PC laptops don’t is the option to purchase apps. Whether you prefer Google, Apple or Amazon, these days there really is an app for anything.
Besides the standard games and entertainment options, there are also many apps designed to help you manage your business. All of the app stores offer options to help track spending, analyze trends and even view your website’s SEO information. You can also get an add-on to accept credit cards, swiping right on your iPad or iPhone.

Internet Access

Another great feature some tablets have that laptops don’t is the option for constant internet access. Many cell phone companies offer data packages specifically for tablets. Buying a data package doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be charged every time you browse the web or download apps. Rather, you can use Wi-Fi when it’s available and keep the 3G or 4G network as a backup.
If you know you’re going to be in areas without internet access often, the ability to purchase a data package makes tablets a great option.

Guest Author Byline:  As you can see, tablets are wonderful for managing any business, whether you have an online clothing store, tutoring facility or drug and alcohol rehab centers. This post is brought to you by guest blogger Carly Fierro.

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Top 5 must-have products for confidence

Looking confident is about an aura, a sense that you know the exact blueprint of who you are. Confidence in that GQ mould can be achieved once you believe that you are confident. There are items that can help you achieve this to give you an enhanced glow of self-belief. From hats to shoes, try a mix of the following products to make sure that people recognise your power as a self-assured man:
  • Hats: Looking taller is important in inspiring confidence in other people whether that is in the workplace or your personal life. Hats can help to add the illusion of height without being obvious because they actually add a platform to you. Panama hats look cool for that heritage retro look while beanies and snoods look modern and fresh
  • Cologne: Choosing the right cologne is an art form because different colognes are used for different occasions. A general rule of thumb is less is more: simply put a dab on and you will instantly feel like the powerful person that you are. Popular brands for cologne include Davidoff.
  • Fitted clothes: One trend in menswear at the moment is choosing clothes which look tailor-made instead of overly baggy. This is part of the men’s fashion revolution that is focused on creating charged masculine style that is confident, strong and imposing. Men who are looking for clothes that will make them look confident should choose shirts with crisp cuffs, striped shirts and smart trousers.
  • Casual shoes: The good thing about casual shoes is that they are low maintenance. Relaxed confidence is attractive especially to women because it makes men seem that they take everything in their stride. Casual shoes can include Oxfords and brogues in calm colours such as blue and green.
  • Sports shoes: Trainers have inspired a whole new culture in the UK with companies such as adidas working with celebrities like David Beckham to create an image around trainers. Inject that athleticism into your personality when you choose sports shoes to wear for extra confidence. The versatility of sports shoes means that you can wear them on the weekend and after work to always feel in control.

Top tips to follow for confidence in your personal style
  • Look for ways to appear taller: There is no question that height is directly linked to male confidence. Height increasing shoes and wearing colours such as black, grey and blue can all help to make you look taller. Think of innovative ways of looking statuesque for the ultimate sign of your confidence.
  • Don’t be afraid of shots of colour: In men’s fashion from clothing to shoes, colour is definitely making a comeback. Ancient Roman men did not shy away from bold colours. Colours such as red, blue, and green are excellent choices for men who want to stand out in every way. Shoes are the best way to include colour into your wardrobe for the ultimate show of confidence. 

This is a contributed article from guest author Jason Green. Jason is a fashion enthusiast, and now writes for Altitude Shoe a cutting edge of height increasing footwear, fashion and shoe technology.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interactive Moving Signpost can Revolutionise Art and Technology

Interactive Signpost can Move to Follow Significant Locations

I have always loved it when someone takes two huge aspects from totally different worlds of thinking, out of their comfort zones and then brings them together in a fusion of something quite beautiful. Andrew Shoben, a London born artist, is in the process of constructing a fabulous interactive signpost that brings the worlds of technology and art together in one amazing innovative artistic styled sculpture. This isn’t just any ordinary signpost Andrew is creating; it is an interactive aesthetic piece of innovation. The way it works is each sign on the post can point to different relevant locations, and follow the location of those destinations using a GPS generated feed.  For example one sign could point to the destination of a celebrity’s house whilst the other sign could point to the current location of the North Star.

This fantastic immensely beautiful piece of design will be called “Signs” and will be constructed in the lobby of Corelli College, the first London co-operative academy that is located in Blackheath. The beauty that I see is much further than the simple aesthetics of the piece; I can almost see the thought process behind the design, this 15 metre signpost illustrating a modern hub for information, almost a soothsayer for the modern era.

Each of the signs features a LED display showing scrolling text containing information of where the sign is currently pointing too, for example it would say Mars, as well as the distance from earth in miles which can fluctuate from 34 million miles away to 250,000,000, and not only will the sign post point in the right direct, it will tell you the current distance also which looks a lot better when the destination chosen is a flight, which also it can do. The signs can track a specific flight, displaying flight details, a dynamic distance and tracks the flight path across the sky by pointing in the direction of its moving geographical location.

Initially the locations will be programmed into the signpost, just to get the project rolling; most significant locations will be considered as well as some abstract ones at the same time.  Eventually the signpost will be connected to the World Wide Web which will allow for the sculpture to not only pull all different types of geographical information off of the internet, such as landmarks etc. but it will pull current affairs stories also giving information on things that are happening in real time.  Additionally the sculpture will also be connected to social media channels where different people can input their own significant locations.

What I love about this project is not the initial shock factor that it has standing at 15 metres tall, nor is it the fact that the signs move according to geographical positioning, it is the potential this signpost represents. From Greek times the world has believed in Oracles, a source of wide information, something with a mystical factor that can be seen as all knowing, and this is exactly what this signpost brings to the table. This piece of art could revolutionise the way we interact with data, making interactions between real world social channels to current informative knowledge, showing relationships between things that we wouldn’t have even thought of in our wildest dreams.

Christopher Smith Digital Marketing Exectuive at BTC Group, Promotional Merchandise Specialists since 1977, Thoroughly enjoys all aspects of blogging, will blog anything from Marketing and Technology to Corporate Clothing and T-Shirt Printing

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Effective Newsletter Writing For Business

Writing Effective Newsletters For Your Business

Maintaining a communicative relationship with customers, clients and employees plays a vital part in the running of any company. Your customers, existing and prospective, need to know that the organisation which they’re doing business with is active, and looking for ways to improve their product or service. Similarly, employees always like to be kept in the loop regarding what might be taking shape behind the scenes – a knowledgeable employee is a motivated one.

Sending out bulletins or newsletters, whether printed or electronic, is an effective way of keeping customers and clients up to speed on what you’re up to. If you don’t have one in place in your business already, or even if you do but are looking to make improvements, here are some tips to point you in the right direction:

Have a message

Make sure you have something newsworthy to say beforehand. Sending out a newsletter with non-information could turn people off reading future issues, and might even send out the message that business is slow. If you are going through a quiet period, then you might think about either skipping an edition, or putting together a spotlight feature on one specific area of your business which readers might be unfamiliar with.

Get your readers involved

Customers and employees always like to know that their opinions are appreciated, and they also like to be involved in the way a business operates. So, be sure to include a link to a survey or a poll relating to your specific market – you could ask them for their feedback on your products or services, or even open up your newsletter to written contributions from your readers.

Be professional in your presentation

Take time over the design, the colour scheme and tone of your newsletter. Make sure that you utilise a theme which relates to and accentuates your business. If you have access to a desktop publishing program such as Quark or InDesign, then these are ideal for designing visually appealing printed materials. Alternatively, sites such as Wordpress and Blogger are free and offer a great range of capabilities if you would rather host your newsletter online.

Put effective distribution channels in place

Whether you’re sending out a printed newsletter or delivering it electronically, ensure that your mailing list is inclusive and relevant. You might even consider putting together separate bulletins: one for your customers, containing news of products and special offers; and one for industry insiders, updating readers on the progress your business is making. Be sure to include an opt-out or unsubscribe option if you’re sending materials out to the public.

Adam Gilmour resides in the UK and writes for TonerGiant Ltd. who are one of UK's leading supplier of HP toner cartridges. Adam enjoys a visit to France occasionally!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Conservative Osaka Mayor Irked by Ink: Confess or Quit!

Japanese Mayor Issues Mandatory Tattoo Survey


Toru Hashimoto, Japan's Mayor of Osaka declared war on body-art-loving public sector employees, including teachers. Hashimoto's battlecry is simple, yet strong one:
"Confess or Quit!"

Full-Scale Ink Crack-Down

The politically ambitious 43-year-old Hashimoto recently issued a mandatory poll on Osaka's 32 thousand public sector employees. So far, only a few employees disclosed what's under their clothing. Of 113 employess fessing up to owning some colorful ink, 10 are teachers (one an elementary school teacher).
In Japan, tattoos are considered unacceptable in several quarters. Citizens wearing body art are banned from public bathrooms, gyms, major businesses, sports clubs, etc.. Large areas of ink have always been associated with gangs and organized crime (especially the Yakuza organized crime syndicates), and the mayor wants to clean up the metropolis' image.

Mayor Claims TattoosScare Residents

Mayor Hashimoto's mandatory survey issued several personal commands to public servants. One question demanded a list of tattoos from head-to-toe, with another form inquiring about the diameter of the ink as well as where it could be found on the body. Public workers are also required to disclose if they have tattoos that are normally covered by clothing. And Hashimoto also wanted details on when they got their ink — was it before or after gaining employment with the city?
"Citizens feel uneasy or intimidated if they see tattoos (on workers) in services, and it undermines trust in the city," Hashimoto has stated. "We need to grasp what the (tattoo) situation is and reposition personnel."

Employees Ask Where Personal Liberties Lay

Some public sector employees have been asking if this isn't a gross violation of privacy. Mayor Hashimoto doesn't believe so. But social media outlets like Twitter have seen a flurry of comments discussing Osaka's tattoo crack-down. As one man tweeted:
"Mayor Hashimoto's attack on tattoos seems fascist. Should we really be judging people based on their haircolor, fake eyelashes, color contacts, and clothes?"
Young people in Japanregard tattoos as beautiful artwork and self-expression, and ink is quite fashionable and accepted in Japanese pop culture. It's not unusual to see young men and women proudly sporting colorful butterflies on their back shoulder or a playful dolphin displayed by one one's foot.

Statistics are Filtering in...Then What?

According to Osaka's mayor, public servants won't be expelled on account of their tattoos, but will be demoted in some instances. Furthermore, the mayor indicated many employess with permanent body art would also be removed from customer service positions, and placed in employment 'behind the scenes.'
Teachers appear to be receiving the harshest ultimatum following poll results. Hashimoto says no one will be fired, but teachers with ink visible to students must get it removed.

After teaching English in Japan, Peter Wendt was a little uneasy about having tattoos during his tenure there. Upon returning to sunny CA, Peter moved to Austin, TX and had all of his tattoos removed at The MEDermis Laser Clinic so he could turn over a new leaf. Peter is an avid blogger and still interested in body art.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

A Guy Walks Into a Bar . . .

A giraffe walks into a bar and orders a beer.  The bartender asks “Long neck?” and the giraffe replies “Some people think so . . .”

According to the Encyclopedia of American Jokes, someone, or something, has been walking into bars for the past 120 years, with risible results!

The Lake Okoboji Area Improvement Association, of Lake Okoboji, Iowa, has decided that it’s time to celebrate and commemorate these bar jokes.  And so, according to Larry Lopper, the chairman of the Lake Okoboji Area Improvement Association (LOAIA), the town will host a “Best Walk-in Bar Joke Competition” this coming January, 2013.  Why in the middle of an Iowa winter?  Because, says Lopper, that’s when things slow down, except for the ice fishing, and many ice anglers find that walking into a bar beats freezing over a hole in the ice! The whole area could use a little excitement that time of year, adds Lopper.  The tentative date is set for Sunday, January 27, 2013. 

A horse walks into a bar, so the bartender asks “Why the long face?”

The event is planned to take place – where else? – in a bar, at Emily’s Tavern and Marina, on Lake Okoboji.  Emily Stuhlstead, who is the owner and operator of Emily’s Tavern and Marina, and vice chairperson of the LOAIA, lays out the ground rules for the competition:  “It’s open to anyone who can legally be in a bar; here in Iowa that means those 21 years of age and over.  The entry fee is five-dollars, which we’ll waive if you buy two beers or a cocktail.  If you’re an area farmer, raising corn or soybeans, we’ll let you enter for free; we want to get the rural people involved as much as possible; it’s good business.  Your joke has to be clean and family-friendly, although we’ll allow a little political incorrectness. 
Like this one, which my boyfriend told me last night – “A subpoena walks into a bar and the bartender says ‘We don’t serve any subpoenas in here’, and fifteen deadbeat dads go ‘Whew!’ 
 --   we’ll draw numbers from a hat and then you just go up on the little stage where our country western bands usually play, and tell your walk-in bar joke.  One joke per person.  Our panel of judges hasn’t been selected yet; we think we’ll be using the school board or else the city council, whichever one wants to step up first.  The winner, as determined by the judges, will receive a gift certificate for a hundred-dollar shopping spree in Okoboji, and his or her name and photograph will be featured in the Lake Okoboji Shopper newspaper.  We think it will be a lot of fun, and good for area tourism, too!”

Thomas Edison walks into a bar and orders a beer; the bartender says “Okay, just don’t get any bright ideas!”  

When asked if the LOAIA had contacted any beer companies to see if they want to do a tie in, Ms. Stuhlstead was quiet for a moment, before replying: “Lopper’s been talking to ‘em.  I haven’t had an update in a while.  Maybe I better check!”
She then scurried down the street to the hardware store, which is owned and operated by Larry Lopper, for a detailed consultation . . .

A guy with dyslexia walks into a bra . . . 

Tim Torkildson is a former news director for several radio stations in Northwestern Iowa, where he developed a liking for soybeans, corn, and bar jokes!  He is currently a free-lance blogger for heartland agricultural companies such as

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Why Does Steel Rust and How Can We Prevent It

Metals always have an adverse reaction when they come into contact with moisture and air. The problems of corrosion are extremely common and even alloys like steel aren’t safe from it entirely. Corrosion is extremely harmful to certain aspects of the metal’s properties, such as strength, and for that very reason, it is extremely important to ensure that any and all steel used for any purpose is completely rust-free. However, before we can do that, we need to understand exactly why does steel rust and how we can prevent it.
The word “corrosion” means the gradual destruction of materials, especially metals like steel, due to exposure to oxygen and water. Depending on the kind of alloy you are talking about, corrosion can differ. For most alloys, exposure to moisture-filled air is enough to begin the corrosion process. However, metals can also have a different reaction if they are exposed to certain substances.
Basically, for corrosion to occur at a certain pace, there is need for oxygen and water to come into contact with the metal. For steel, this process is no different!

How Steel Corrodes

Steel is one of the most popular metals used around the world but the rate of corrosion makes it one of the most popular choices for us. Steel has a relatively lower rate of corrosion however, all it takes is exposure of bare steel to moist air. The air contains oxygen which is basically the oxidant required to carry out the process of oxidation or to bring about a change in the oxidation state of steel.
Depending on how strongly bound are a metal’s ionic structure, the metal may be more or less susceptible to rusting. Corrosion mainly occurs on those metals that, like steel, favour the process. Gold and Platinum, no matter how exposed to moist air, will never corrode because the parts that corrode tend to lead to the formation of purer versions of those metals. Steel, on the other hand, is unlike that and needs protection.

Preventing Steel Corrosion

There are several different means and ways of controlling corrosion in steel and even preventing it altogether. None of these processes is meant to last a life-time so there is always a need for replenishment after regular intervals. In most cases, the addition of a few elements can improve the anti-rust properties of steel. For e.g. carbon is a great element that lowers the rate of steel-corrosion by almost half!
Cathodic protection is the process by which copper, phosphorus, Chromium and nickel are added to steel to improve its resistance to moist air. This kind of addition has been, at times, considered good enough to be used on its own, without any protective coating on top. Hot rolling and forging a steel surface is also a great way of introducing millscale onto the surface of the steel, which also helps in reducing the effects of the rusting process.
Adding a layer of protective film is usually considered as the most effective technique of keeping the steel safe. A thin film of coating is added after cleaning the steel under high-pressure water or some form of abrasive liquid that can completely clean out the surface. Anything that can, possibly, corrode the steel is removed to ensure that there isn’t any corrosion under the protective layer.
Chloride is one of the most harmful elements that can hurt steel and making sure that there aren’t any traces of chloride on the surface is vital. The protective coating is, then, applied to the surface of the steel. There are many different types of coatings and all have just one thing in common – they are all extremely toxic and need special skill and protective clothing to ensure that there are no accidents during the application process.
Finally, the steel is kept away from moisture until the coating dries. Thereafter, it is brought into use in places such as building construction, chassis construction and almost any or every other place that requires a strong metal that can withstand extreme conditions without breaking, getting damaged or corroding.

George Staton – author

When George decided to leave the metal industry to take on a job as a consultant, he was entering a world he knew nothing about. Having worked in mills, mines and stores in some of the biggest organizations in the world, like Midway Metals, George gained invaluable knowledge that he chose to spread to others around the industry. His seminars are extremely popular, especially when he’s talking about his favourite metal – steel! George recently conducted a series of bottom-line training sessions, speaking on “Why does steel rust and how can we prevent it”.

Monday, 30 July 2012

And The Greatest Med Tech Invention Of The Last 166 Years Is....

A recent poll conducted by the British Medical Journal recently surveyed over eleven thousand random people from all over the world with a view to answering the question; 
 "What is the greatest med tech advancement in the last two hundred years?". 

The answer was quite remarkable. 


Specifically it was improvements to our sewer systems that took the win and while something I feel we all take for granted these days - I cannot help but think they make a good point.
So it seems that a well functioning, sanitised, sewer system is of greater importance than other med tech breakthroughs such as PET scanners, anti-biotics and life saving vaccines.

Prof Johan Mackenbach from the Erasmus University in Amsterdam remarked that a better sewer system is directly responsible for the bettering of general hygeine and in turn leads to a healthier general public.
"In 2002, heavily polluted water, poor sanitation & bad hygiene directly responsible for over two million fatalities from diarrheia in third world countries."

"Without a doubt, good hygeine and effective waste removal still plays a critical role in increasing our general hygeine both presently and in the years to come," Mackenbach remarked to the British Broadcasting Co-operation. 

In light of the recent med tech findings Michael Adam, a health advocate and acclaimed med tech author recently remarked that recent breakthroughs in medicine is not match for increased health improvements accross the globe and conceded that it is something us Westerners often take for granted.

"The truth about public sanitation and our health is that practically all improvements in life expectancy over the last hundred years or so is due to public sanitation, not modern medical science.” he said.

“Most drug sellers tend to say that conventional medicine is saving X number of lives per year and generally people are living a lot longer lives today than they were previously, but the simple fact of the matter is that the most glory should go to the implementation of our sewage systems.”
Controversially he went on to say that if the USA reverted to natural-based medicines instead of standard, over the counter medicines then; "life expectancy will increase tenfold".


One of the earliest known recordings of pubic hygeine dates back to the early eighteen hundreds to try and counter the spread of cholera after it was eventually established that it was coming in through the water supply. 

By switching off particular water-pumps (which contained polluted water), they were able to better understand how their water supply was becoming contaminated leading to a better general understanding of water hygeiene. This was the birth of a massive operation to deal with waste in a more controlled, safer and more hygienic way.

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