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Oprah Is Bringing Her Positive Energy To Huffington Post

Oprah Is Bringing Her Positive Energy To Huffington Post

Oprah, whose personal motto is “Live Your Best Life,” is the queen of today’s media. Her reach extends far beyond her long-running (and now over) television talk show. She runs her television network, OWN, (Oprah Winfrey Network) which broadcasts female-friendly content and produces many types of shows, such as interviews and health programs.

Now she’s coming to the Huffington Post website, and she’ll be teaming up with popular commentator and writer Arianna Huffington to bring readers an entire section devoted to the former talk show host and her life philosophies.

What Will The New Section Involve?

Oprah fans know she is very involved in helping women learn to live their lives authentically, positively and happily. That’s exactly the type of content she’ll be bringing to the Huffington Post. You may not see a lot about CJ Pony Parts.com Mustang parts, but you can check out the website to learn about that.

Some things you’ll see when the section goes up in August will be original content that revolves around advice about women’s health, fashion, beauty and many other topics of interest to females of all ages. She also talks about culture and literature, and plans to involve her readers in interactive conversations about all types of relevant topics.

A Smart Business Move

Oprah is a savvy businesswoman, and she knows how to reach an audience. Her target demographic is already reading the Huffington Post. The website, which boasts over 36 million users per month, interests women in the ranges of 25-54, which is Oprah’s demographic for her former television talk show.

She’ll no doubt bring over her audience from that show and engage viewers of the OWN network as well as pick up new fans that are Huffington Post readers. She is the first talk show host to have her very own section on the popular site. 

The OWN network hasn’t done as well as expected; Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show was canceled due to low ratings and viewership isn’t as high as it should be. This new collaboration should renew interest in the reigning media queen’s universe of self-help, relationship advice and staying positive. Her message will connect with women and perhaps even draw more viewers to her network, providing better ratings. It will be a win-win for Winfrey.

What Will The Articles Involve?

The content you’ll see on Oprah’s Huffington Post page will include pieces written by her own staff of writers already working for OWN or her own site, Oprah.com. These writers cover topics that Oprah’s audience expects: spirituality, personal growth, family and relationship issues and female health topics.

The company is hoping to renew interest in Oprah and gain back some of her followers that may not have gone on to watch OWN but simply stopped paying attention once the talk show went off the air. With new, fresh articles and content, this may pique readers’ interest and engage new fans too.

There will also be video content as well as more laid-back articles in the form of reader-friendly blogs. The combination of a can’t-miss website with a huge following and a popular media maven should spell success for everyone and guarantee the Huffington Post will be “living its best life.”

Guest Author Byline:  Carl Glasmyre is a guest blogger who likes writing about Oprah Winfrey, the Huffington Post, and CJ Pony Parts.com Mustang parts

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