Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wedding Outfit Do's and Don'ts For Men

DO: Ask If There Is a Dress Code

There is nothing more embarrassing to turning up to a wedding, or any party for that matter, dressed inappropriately. While dressing for a wedding seems rather straightforward, smart, formal, tailoring, it is always worth taking the time to see if there is a theme.

DON’T: Just Wear Black

If you are to take the lazy approach to choosing wedding attire, then you will inevitably end up in something formal, tailored, and unmistakably black. You will put this with a sober coloured shirt and a boring, plain tie. You will do this because it is the safe option and you do not want to put any thought or effort into what you are wearing.

DO: Express Yourself

The best colours for this summer are navy blue and grey when it comes to tailoring. A lighter grey is, hands down, our most favourite suit colour for this summer. A grey will help you to stand out, and will not absorb as much heat as a black number, leaving you cool and relaxed while all others melt during the hot summer day. Pair it up with some dark brown shoes, a bold, block coloured shirt and matching tie.

DON’T: Outshine The Groom

Stick to tailoring and something along the lines of what we mentioned above. Do not turn up Jagger-esque, or looking like you have just came from a Sergeantt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band appreciation society meeting. A twist on tailoring will more than suffice, over the top will leave you looking plain silly, and frankly quite unpopular, too.

DO: Explore Tailoring Alternatives

Instead of the traditional cotton, wool, or lycra mix suit find in most tailors and suit shops, look for something different in your style. If you know the weather is likely to be hot, a linen suit is often a great alternative to traditional styles. A darker brown is usually the best colour here, as it will best hide any easily acquired creases while enabling you avoid a heat attracting black.

DON’T: Wear Denim

We started with lazy and we will end with lazy. If you even think about swapping your tailored trousers for denim, then you should consider even going to the wedding at all. You might look great in the pub on a Saturday evening dressed like that, but a wedding it is a big no-no.
Make sure you follow the do’s and don’ts of wedding fashion, one wrong move could cost you your invitation to the next one!
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