Tuesday, 24 July 2012

5 Reasons Why Photobooks Make A Great Gift For Any Occasion

Photobooks are a great gift for any occasion, with their appeals ranging from their easy customisation to different occasion, through to their showcasing of multiple photographs, and including their durability, and portability. Moreover, photobooks can be rapidly produced, and represent an affordable gift for all members of family. The appeal of photobooks, however, arguably comes down to their improvements on older photobooks, and their use of digital printing to create gifts with lasting value. Looking at these strengths in more detail, it is possible to view photobooks as a gift that combines quality with easy customisation.
1 - Customisation to Different Occasions
Printed photos and albums can be customised for different occasions, with the design of each adapted depending on the occasion. One of the key strengths of a photobook is the attention to detail they encourage, and the ability to add captions, collages and designs to the books themselves through the use of online templates. In this way, wedding and birthday albums can be designed with messages and distinctive covers and graphics. Holiday photobooks can similarly be created with options for various sizes of photographs.
2 - Much Greater Selection
Photobooks make use of digital photographs to produce a high quality folder of material for a wider range of sources. Given the number of photographs that are now taken at weddings, birthdays, and on holiday, having a photobook that can include the best of these photos makes it a great gift for someone wanting to display these photos in their home.
3 - Durability
Compared to older photobooks, where photos are typically stored in plastic wallets, direct printing of photos from a computer onto high quality printer paper means that new photobooks are more durable. Moreover, lost photos aren’t as much of a problem as older books, where the original negative may no longer be available. New photobooks can be reprinted, so long as you have the original files backed up on your computer or phone.
4 - Portability
Photo books can be manufactured in portable sizes, a format that works particularly well for photos of a single night or a graduation. These books can be cheaply bought, and can be potentially given out as gifts to friends and family.
5 - Covers
The quality of photobooks can also be found in the ability to include a cover photograph that best demonstrates the album’s contents. These photographs might be printed to a higher resolution, and can be edited to include titles and other information about the event being captured. Again, photobooks give you a lot of options in terms of customising designs for different events.
6 - Speed of Production
Photobooks make excellent gifts because they can be produced and sent out so quickly. Most books can be designed using online templates and then printed off and sent to you within just a few days. This option makes them ideal for after-wedding gifts, and for marking a special occasion with a souvenir that can be sent out to different people as a reminder of the event.
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