Friday, 27 July 2012

How to Defend Yourself Against a False Domestic Violence Charge

Getting into an argument with your partner is normal. If you're both rational and can think clearly, then you can easily reach a compromise or a solution to your problems. However, if both of you let anger get the best of you, then the argument can easily escalate into shouting matches. If this happens and she starts threatening you with domestic violence charges, what will you do?  

No Joke 

A domestic violence charge is no joke. Once she makes that call, the police will come and arrest you. Even if she later on drops the charges against you, you will still have to face the judge and whatever consequences come with the charges. Remember, once a domestic violence call has been made, it'll be out of both your hands, even if you're innocent and even if she decides to withdraw her accusations. This is because they are obliged to protect the complainant against abuse, and if she drops the charges, they'll only see it as defending you and preventing you from going to prison.

Preventing a False Domestic Violence Charge 

If the argument gets too heated and she's starting to threaten you that she'll call the police, leave the house and sleep at a hotel or at a friend's house. It's better that you leave and allow her to cool down first before you talk things over. It will not do you any good to stay and try to finish the argument. Doing so will only provoke her to make the call. 

 If she's already calling the police or 911, do not attempt to stop her. It will only give you more legal troubles since stopping someone from making a 911 or police call is considered a crime. Instead, try to remain very calm, especially when the police arrive. If you have marks on your body such as scratches and bruises, then show them to the police. Ask them to take notes and photos of your injuries. These will serve as evidence and can contradict what she's accusing you of. If you've never laid a hand on her and there are no bruises on her body, the police will also take note of this in their records. 

The police will take you to the station, so go willingly with them. Don't resist arrest, and more importantly, don't show your anger at her in front of them. Remember, how you react may be used against you in court. 

Expect that you'll be placed in the holding cell before your court appearance. However, you can get out of jail though, provided you pay the bail amount set by the judge when you appear before him. If you're short on cash, then you'll benefit from the services of a bail bondsman or bail bond agency. They'll shell out cash for your bail, and you only have to pay them a certain percentage of your bail amount for their service. When you appear for all your court dates, the bail money will be given back to them. 

 Finally, get a good domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. He'll be able to help you prove your innocence by gathering evidences and talking with witnesses and the complainant. Attend all court dates. If you've been proven innocent, then all charges against you will be dropped.
Jennifer Dallas is a freelance writer for If you know someone who's been falsely accused of domestic violence charges, don't hesitate to contact a bail bonds agency who can help him post bail.

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