Tuesday, 10 July 2012

About Sponsor a Child



When you sponsor a child, you can transform a life, please act now to help save a life.
With less $1 dollar or €1 euro a day, you will make available a child in need with access to live-saving basics like: Nourishing, Healthcare, Education, Food and more!
As a sponsor, you will help provide a child with sustainable access to appropriate life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare, and education. You'll be given the opportunity to personally connect with your sponsored child — building a relationship that could change both your lives.
How it works?
Comtribute for the children a boy or girl you want to sponsor. HPC will use your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month to provide your sponsored child. Your monthly gifts will be combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area, so that all girls and boys will benefit. Correspond with your child through letters and pictures. You are not required to write, but hearing from sponsors is very meaningful to your sponsored children. It boosts their self-esteem and so much more. Regular updates about your sponsored child will be sent to you. This allows you to monitor his or her progress. Visits are welcome! If you can make the trip, HPC staff will arrange a visit for you and your sponsored child. What do you receive when you sponsor a child?
Every child sponsor receives:
A welcome kit with a photo and information about your sponsored child plus an introductory DVD (if you request it then). Annual progress reports Updated photos of your child
A child is waiting for someone and this someone is you.
Details at: http://www.helpo.pt and http://hopeforthepoorchildren.org

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