Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Five Things Guaranteed to Scare a Man Away

 Most women are trying to attract women, not repel them. But if you’re trying to scare a man away (not recommended), here are five ways to do it. 
Trash Talking 

Trash talking in all its forms is a huge no-no when trying to catch a man. If you trash talk your ex, especially very early in your relationship, he’s not going to want to stick around long enough to become the next target of your hostility if things don’t work out. It also makes you seem bitter and hung up on your ex (are you?). Trash talking your friends, family, coworkers, strangers – any of it is too much negativity for a guy to endure. And if you trash talk HIS friends, family, or coworkers, it’s a quick way to ensure you’ll never hear from him again. 
Clinginess or Paranoia 

All men want to feel needed in a relationship, that’s why they love doing things like fixing your doorknob or holding you during a scary movie. If you become so dependent and clingy that you can’t do much without him, it’s a huge turn off. You need to give a guy his space. Sometimes that clinginess can go even further and become paranoia, where you’re not just calling to talk all the time but calling to make sure he’s not with another girl (all the time). That kind of distrust, especially when he’s done nothing to warrant it, won’t make him want to stick around to prove you wrong. Five-Year Plans

If you have an idea of when you think you’d like to get married or how old you want to be when you have kids, keep it to yourself. Your five-year plan for your future love life will scare him away for sure. He doesn’t want to have to live up to your standards or feel that kind of pressure. Having a five-year plan about something like your career or education, on the other hand, is a good thing, because it shows him your independence and ambition, and that’s sexy. 
Butting In 

In any new relationship, guys want to take things slowly. Even when he’s opened his life up to you, there will still be some things he holds sacred. His time hanging out with his buddies is one example, his work life is another. If you suddenly invite yourself to watch the football game, or show up at his job for any reason other than to bring him lunch, he’ll feel like you’re butting in too far into his life. Oh, and if he has a fight with his mother? Don’t think it’s your job to reconcile the two. Ex-Boyfriends 

Maybe you’re not trash talking your ex; maybe he’s a good friend of yours who still comes over a few times a month to play Scrabble. If you have any type of significant relationship with an ex-boyfriend, your new guy isn’t likely to understand it. No matter what, he’ll end up suspecting that you’re still banging each other (again, are you?) and will run rather than be played for a fool. 

Cayla Crenshaw is a fashion writer and expert on men who knows a thing or two about scaring men away. She loves to blog about everything from relationship advice to getting great deals on cosmetic brushes. Photo Credit: Tastino0 -

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