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Sponsor a Child in Brazil.

Sponsor a Child in Brazil.

At Christmas or Children's Day, trade moves a lot. Many people do not let the date go blank and go in search ofa gift for sons, nephews, godchildren, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.. Some are more generous and extend good work for children who have never seen in life, making donations to shelters, needy communities or even inyour own neighborhood. In both cases, the motivation is the same: to win a smile and, therefore, also the day.

But helping a child does not need to date. And for the most troubled and need not be in person. Many ONGs work with the concept of 'sponsorship', when a donor makes a monthly contribution, and provides assistance in the distance. In Brazil, ActionAid has gainedprominence after the vehicle in a broadcast TV commercial in which the actress Julia Lemmertz explains the actions of the ONG, which has international presence and operates in Brazil since 1999.
The Brazilian region with the largest presence of ActionAid is the Northeast, but also receive other projects. According to the coordinator of fundraising, Benjamin Bruno, the focus of actiondepends on local needs.

Julia Lemmertz sponsors a child by ActionAid and help to change to better the lives of thousands of children in Brazil.
10 years ago in Brazil ActionAidtrabalha with poor people to conquer basic rights such as food, education, genderequality and racial and democratic participation.

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